Metal Medicine and Total Rock Unsigned March 22nd 2021

On the first hour of the show you can expect tracks from Bob Vylan, Lacuna Coil, In This Moment, Guano Apes and many more! Oh and some My Chemical Romance obvs!

TotalRock Unsigned is during the 2nd hr and we are featuring acts that you might or might’ve not heard before.

Take a look at the track list for more info!

Metal Medicine Radio Show

It plays the best from the classic, modern and brand new in #rock and #metal with the occasional throw back… the kind that makes you scratch your head in confusion and tapping your feet at the same time.

Also lots of new bands that are #unsigned #underground on TotalRock Unsigned

Let’s travel around the world and find our new jam together.

Metal Medicine Is the (W)right prescription.

If you’re an unsigned band, please upload your music at

Metal Medicine is every Monday 4pm-6m UK

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